December 6, 2021 10:56:32 PM
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We developed a delivery system that allows a customer to get his order delivered from your personal websites. Follow the instructions for more details:
4 months ago
Deliveries are a very convenient way of receiving your ordered items without any interruption in your scheduled tasks. We have developed that serves the public by their own effort. We can drive for somebody today to have same service tomorrow for our selves. Three entities are involved: 1. Customer who buys the product wants to have affordable delivery rates but no compromise on delivery time and quality. 2. Retailers are under pressure and always wants deliveries in time without any delays. Again, the delivery charges and the reliability of a driver always remained challenge 3. Drivers consider delivery as a part-time work to generate extra income. Better rates can convince them to provide quality delivery. How can we make local delivery service more professional? How do you think the delivery charges should be calculated? What are the necessary steps a driver should take to have better earning?
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